Glacial Energy represents a sharp departure from public utility companies

Posted by Admin - November 8th, 2013

Energy services are vital to the operation of daily life these days. Glacial Energy has recognized this fact and sought to provide better quality services to their customers. This has been a marked improvement for many consumers in markets in the United States who previously did not have any options when it came to energy services—the only option for energy services was the local public utility company. Glacial Energy represents a sharp departure from public utility companies because they care a great deal about the quality of the services they are offering and the costs for their consumers.

Posted by Admin - October 10th, 2013

Glacial Energy was founded in 2005, but even then it was composed of a staff who had a wealth of experience in the energy industry. Gary Mole had been working in the deregulated energy industry for years, across several different countries. Today, the company boasts an experienced staff who place integrity and customer service at the top of their priorities. Glacial Energy is active in markets all over the United States, including Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Texas, California, the District of Columbia, and many others. They provide higher quality services for reasonable costs.

Posted by Admin - January 24th, 2013

The need for energy is a very real one, whether you are talking about a residential space or a commercial one. However, commercial operations have a great need for energy. Their operations and profitability depend upon the ability to keep the lights on and keep customers happy, generally speaking. Even for those who depend less upon energy than others, having consistently low prices and high quality services is far preferable. This is why many companies have turned to alternative marketers of energy services, like Glacial Energy, for help.

Glacial Energy is a company that offers energy services at low prices as an alternative to the traditional public utility companies. Glacial Energy is in direct competition with those institutions which have for so long kept prices stagnant and services low quality. Glacial Energy is an alternative energy provider that is respected for its commitment to their client’s comfort and cost effectiveness. Glacial Energy was founded in 2005 by the now-CEO of the company, Gary Mole. Glacial Energy provides energy services nationwide, ranging from Texas to Michigan and Washington D.C. to California. Their services span the country, quite literally. Glacial Energy also provides another utility to customers as an alternative: natural gas. They are expanding these services currently.

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